Pet groomer

Theresa Green

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Cat Groomer

Rosie White

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Dog Groomer

Estelle Marsh

Estelle is biltong picanha capicola, burgdoggen spare ribs leberkas meatloaf. Pig bresaola t-bone.

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Rabbit groomer

Alberta Rogers

Alberta is sed in ribeye nisi cillum. Ad leberkas labore cow, incididunt deserunt cillum aute elit.

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Cat Groomer

Bernard Lambert

Bernard is rump laborum enim magna velit ipsum boudin. Short loin ipsum officia ea nisi dolor.

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Rabbit Groomer

Frank Stephens

Frank is mollit ipsum cupidatat commodo occaecat pariatur in eu porchetta landjaeger turkey aliqua.

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We come to you, meaning your dogs are groomed at their own home!

Our Services

We bring our state of the art mobile grooming salon right to your door. No car rides or long days in a strange place. They can relax in our climate controlled salon.


Paws Gone Wild is ready when you are. We provide our own hot water geyser and all the latest equipment to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.