Standard Package

Paws Gone Wild Grooming standard package includes:

  • Brush through hair to remove any loose & tangled hair, debris etc.
  • Top quality shampoo will be used to wash your pet
  • Warm conditioning treatment
  • Massage the pets skin to feel for any lumps, skin irregularities or any other conditions. Feedback will be given to owner
  • Towel dry to remove all access water
  • Blow dry with a speed adjustable dryer
  • Brush out coat with specialised brushes depending on the pets coat
  • Cut nails if necessary
  • Clean eyes
  • Clean Ears
  • Perfumed spritz to make them smell extra nice
  • Hair or scarf accessory to make them look extra beautiful
  • Anal secretion if necessary

We come to you, meaning your dogs are groomed at their own home!

Our Services

We bring our state of the art mobile grooming salon right to your door. No car rides or long days in a strange place. They can relax in our climate controlled salon.


Paws Gone Wild is ready when you are. We provide our own hot water geyser and all the latest equipment to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.