Shedding Solution – from R50 to R100 depending on pet breed and coat
Specialized equipment is used to remove around 70% of excess shedding hair that normal grooming would not, so it does not end up all over your house. This is commonly used for breeds with double coats such as the Husky and Labrador.

Teeth brushing – R20
We will use a disinfected specialized pet toothbrush and pet toothpaste/gel. Gel is particularly effective to use on cats.

Tick and flea treatment – R30
Specialized tick and flea dip that is used to remove current ticks/fleas/flies. Please make sure you wash all pet bedding as to prevent cross contamination after the groom.

De Worming Tablet – R60
1 tablet covers 10 kilograms of pets weight. Larger breeds will require more than 1 tablet depending on the weight of the pet. Recommended to be done every 8 to 12 weeks)

Matted pets – extra charges will apply to extremely matted pets
Pets that are extremely matted require extra time and care, especially if they have not been groomed in a while. We have prescribed times for grooming, if we have to spend extra time to groom/shave etc. additional charges will be incurred.

Please remember that nail cutting, ear cleaning, eye cleaning and anal secretion is part of the standard and deluxe/royalty upgrade packages, however if you have additional pets that you would like to just receive those treatments without the physical groom the below charges will apply.

    • Nail cutting – R100
    • Anal Secretion (If your pet is licking their behinds or scooting on the floor, they may be suffering from blocked anal glands. You may have also noticed a pungent smell). However your pets might require de worming as well, recommended to be done every 8 to 12 weeks) – R100
    • Ear and eye cleaning – R50

We come to you, meaning your dogs are groomed at their own home!

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We bring our state of the art mobile grooming salon right to your door. No car rides or long days in a strange place. They can relax in our climate controlled salon.


Paws Gone Wild is ready when you are. We provide our own hot water geyser and all the latest equipment to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.